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Sunset Heritage Precinct

Location: Dalkeith


Client: Department of Finance BMW


Contract Value: $2.5m


Contract Start Date: March 3rd, 2016


Contract Completion: August 3rd, 2016


Contract Description:

Tracc Civil is currently installing phase 1 of the restoration of the 8.2ha former hospital site in Dalkeith to transform Sunset into a unique asset for arts, cultural and community use, with a high level of heritage conservation, public access, amenity and engagement with the river. Of utmost importance is building preservation to protect heritage fabric.

Project Challenges:

  • Working close to heritage listed buildings

  • Historically important site

  • Delay caused by drilling works for sewer line’

  • Heritage listed trees required protection


Managing These Challenges:

  • Tracc Civil installed trench boxes for deep sewer trenching

  • Asbestos management plan implemented and special bins strategically allocated to dispose of contaminated material.

  • Archeologist involved in respect of artifacts found during excavation

  • Arborist included in project

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