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Tracc Civil's core commitment is to maintain the highest levels of occupational health, safety and environment standards for all Tracc Civil employees. We have been able to successfully achieve this with a unique Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes an employee information booklet and comprehensive induction procedures, outlining in detail the various processes we follow to maintain a high safety rating.


All staff members are given regular training on safe working practices and our strategies are continuously reviewed. This enables management and employees to maintain a high regard for safety and good health in the workplace and it ensures that all staff are given simple but comprehensive instructions on the correct techniques of safe work practices and procedures.

Because of our approach to health and safety, we have also received several awards from WorkSafe and currently hold the Work Safe Platinum Award for 2022. Tracc Civil has been certified to ISO 45001.



Tracc Civil have always been a step ahead in quality assurance and as a result we maintain a very high standard for the work we do. We are consistently communicating with our clients, enabling us to deliver exactly what they require and within the time frame required. Because of this open door approach we are able to develop a higher level of responsiveness to our clients ensuring that their projects are well taken care of in the hands of Tracc Civil.

Tracc Civil has been certified to ISO 9001



Tracc Civil has been certified with AS/NZS ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems - Requirements with guidance for use. This makes us compliant with all of the necessary legal requirements for undertaking project work that involves particular attention to the sustainability of the environment.


We pro-actively and regularly recycle materials that are utilised on projects and ensure that we protect all fauna, flora and heritage sites within the surrounding areas of every project.


Tracc Civil has established a culture were we work closely with environmental authorities to make sure that we preserve and try not to damage, affect or adversely impact the surrounding areas or communities in which we work. We have developed innovative solutions to minimise noise and dust pollution at our work sites by setting up noise walls and using dust prevention methods.


Tracc Civil also maintains a fleet of well operated and low noise machinery. This allows us to maintain a low noise work site which is to the benefit of neighboring communities.

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