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Jandakot Airport Precinct 6

Location: Jandakot, WA


Project Start: 24 October 2016


Project Finish: 6 June 2017


Project Value: $ 5m


Client: Jandakot Airport Holdings Pty Ltd


The contract included the infrastructure associated with the sub-divisional development of Precinct 6 in three separable portions. This included the creation of 16 lots and construction of 1.7km of a new single carriageway and a roundabouts within close proximity to the Jandakot Airport which is a major General Aviation Airport in Western Australia and one of the busiest airfields and largest aviation training bases in Australia. Tracc Civil complied with the Environmental requirements as set out in the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act of 1999 as well as the Airports Act of 1996 and the Airports (Environmental Protection) Regulations act of 1997.


Scope Stage SP1and SP2

  • Work included the tie-in with Pilatus Road, Tank Farm and Booster Pump Facility, drainage and service installations.

  • Roadworks include pavement, kerbs, medians, cycle lanes and tie-ins to existing internal roads and construction on minor access roads and crossovers.

  • Storm-water drainage includes reinforced concrete pipes, access pits, side entry pits, manholes, gullies as well as two new basin outlets.

  • Clearing & Earthworks

  • Stormwater drainage

  • Signs & line marking

  • Water reticulation pipeline works utilizing horizontal boring.

  • Water main extension

  • Telstra and private communications

  • Electrical services

  • Tank farm facility

  • Sewer pump station

  • Hydraulic services

  • Power reticulation and new street lighting.

  • Sewer reticulation, Allied Sewer Packaged Pump Station (incl. 12 maintenance period), sewer pressure main

  • JHA private communications

  • Rock pitching and headwall

  • Concrete pathways

  • Brick paving and fibre enriched concrete

  • Construction of Water Corporation Water Mains extension.

Project Challenges

  • Liaising with various service authorities (Telstra, Main Roads, Atco Gas) and road construction contractors for City of Cockburn was required.

  • Portion of work completed within airside

  • Dieback infested area

  • Acid Sulphate soil

  • Redesign of tank farm

  • Additional boring

  • Relocation of ingrounds

Managing These Challenges

  • Dieback – 1.5m deep capped layer has been placed over the dieback area

  • Strict adherence to safety and management plans

  • Effective and regular communication between all parties involved

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