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BP Naval Base - WA

Location: Naval Base WA


Client: Perkins

Contract Value: $1.4m

Contract Start Date: 27 November 2017

Contract Completion: 16 March 2018


Contract Description:

Tracc Civil is providing the services to upgrade the road network in order to allow B-Double vehicles to access service station.
The road works involve upgrades to the three intersections which are:


Rockingham and Link Road
Link Road, Brown Avenue and Burlington Street

Brown Avenue and Beard Street.

Roadworks include construction of a left turning pocket, road widening, including the modification of the median and two intersections.


  • Water main works among existing services - 1.5m

  • Demolition

  • Earthworks

  • Drainage

  • Retaining walls

  • Streetlights

Project Challenges:

  • A steel main installation requiring butt welding

  • Night works

  • Close proximity to petrol station

  • Close proximity to railway track

  • Spillage management required

  • Major services installation, high pressure CSBP; BP oil pipeline; DBP pipeline)

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